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Case study

Developing a Smart Energy Strategy with Smartklub

Based in Trent Basin (Nottingham), the community energy scheme is preparing to install Europe’s largest community battery of 2MWh, as well as photovoltaics that will enable energy to be generated and distributed at a neighbourhood level to residents. The project, which is funded by Innovate UK, has gathered a wide range of partners including Blueprint as the key partner and developer, the University of Nottingham, University of Loughborough, Nottingham City Council, Siemens and SmartKlub. The project has gained vast momentum with introductions from the Energy Minister Clair Perry.


Our approach

Working with an organisation such as Smartklub took careful planning and assessment of both the assets involved and the objectives for both our business and theirs. Taking into account that this project incorporated consolidation of two Energy Programmes; the Sustainable Community Energy Networks (SCENe), and The Energy Research Accelerator (ERA), as part of a community energy scheme, we collaborated to determine how best to work together. Smartklub intends to foster community schemes and R&D through batteries, where Limejump will be involved as the commercial offtake for the project. The partnership came about as “Limejump offers an integrated and holistic approach” which informed the plan of action.


“Limejump offers an integrated and holistic approach. In addition, they also have supply licence and are very transparent with their data”


Charles Bradshaw-Smith – Smartklub’s CEO


Charles Bradshaw-Smith, CEO of SmartKlub Ltd. explained, “Future prospects between Limejump and SmartKlub Ltd encompass further arbitrage developments such as Frequency Response, Triads and Capacity Market. We look forward to working with SmartKlub Ltd and being part of the SCENe project to develop Community Systems.”