UK farmland powers 233,000 homes via green energy platform

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James Forrest, Marketing Manager

Limejump’s renewable energy portfolio generated by UK farmers and landowners is powering more homes than ever. Energy offtaker, Limejump, who buy power from renewable asset owners and sell it to the grid, have signed up more than 500 additional renewable sites this year, 80% of which are on UK farmland. Commenting on the recently published data, Emma James, Limejump Business Development Manager, said:
“Farmers and landowners are contributing greatly to the UK’s green revolution, and through Limejump alone, have provided enough energy to power 233,000 additional homes this year,” explains Emma.
“It is fantastic that the agricultural community are helping Limejump break new ground, transforming the energy landscape in the UK when it is needed most, and it’s great to hear a positive story about British farmers contributing to a greener future.
“We are seeing a seismic shift in the grid’s supply of energy, from larger, centralised and often more polluting sources to smaller, cleaner sources,” continues Emma.

Emma James, Business Development Manager

“The current market conditions have made it a good time to be a generator of renewable energy,” explains Emma. “More and more renewable asset owners are taking the opportunity to maximise the value of their energy through our Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) offerings, available as Fixed, Flexible or Track and Trade options. Each one has its own benefits – and many of our customers have capitalised on the recent power market spike by choosing fixed PPAs at high prices, these provide the renewable asset owner with guaranteed income for a contracted period of time,” Emma concludes.

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A leading energy-tech platform, Limejump provides renewable generators and flexible asset owners a route to the Ancillary and Wholesale markets through sophisticated power purchase agreement products and an agile 24/7 trading and optimisation offering. Combining human trading with sophisticated tech-led optimisation and forecasting, every second of every day, Limejump’s platform analyses millions of data points in real time to intelligently optimise customers’ assets in the right market at the right time. Limejump is driving towards a future where 100% of all energy is renewable.

Limejump, part of the Shell Group, is on a mission to deliver 100% renewable energy, accelerating the UK’s transition to net zero by harnessing big data and renewable technology.