Our Technology

The platform that delivers flexible energy in real time

Limejump has developed a unique platform designed to help accelerate the UK’s transition to a net zero grid. Our platform integrates with and optimises renewable assets of all sizes, from solar farms to wind turbines, ensuring all renewable energy produced by our customers is integrated onto the grid, at a fair market price. The platform also integrates with battery & peaking assets, dispatching them in real time to help National Grid maintain a balanced and resilient energy system. 


Through the installation of our proprietary IoT hardware, our platform is connected to flexible and renewable assets, sending and receiving telemetry data, actioning instructions in real time.


Our platform can dispatch its portfolio of batteries, gas peakers and renewable generators to support the grid with flexible energy during times of high demand and imbalance, with sub-second response times.


Limejump’s platform ingests data from many sources and uses it to build forecasting models of behaviour to get the most out of assets. This maximises their financial return, while ensuring asset health and availability is maintained.

How it works

The platform is where the magic happens. Sending and receiving billions of telemetry data points, from market and weather data to real-time asset data, our platform processes all information through our machine learning algorithms. This ensures assets are optimised at the right time and in the right market.

Our tech stack

Our platform is built with scalability in mind. Components are designed to be as modular and agnostic as possible, enabling us to react quickly to new markets and tools launched in both the Battery & Peaking and Renewable markets. A microservice architecture allows for easy integration with external services, such as CRM, billing, asset connection and our continuous algorithm development. Unlike many utility companies, we own the complete tech stack, enabling us to continually evolve and respond to customer and market demands.

Hosted within AWS, our platform benefits from the latest containerisation technology and leverages an infrastructure-as-code approach that brings flexibility for compute and storage. Many of our microservices are written in Go, with the benefits of strong parallelism for handling the massive data pipelines required for distributed asset control and data processing. A range of database technologies are used within Limejump. DynamoDB provides us with single-digit millisecond performance for short term data, while larger relational database and data lake solutions allow us to effectively store ingested information (weather, asset status, National Grid status, logging). A Kafka cluster with multiple brokers handles internal messaging, allowing systems to communicate with each other and load balance effectively. The system is continuously monitored, with strong visualisations provided by Grafana, allowing at-a-glance information about system, asset and data pipeline health, and appropriate alerting for our operations and platform teams to respond 24/7.

We utilise AWS for core hosting, giving us flexibility on both computer and database resources.

We use Kubernetes to containerise our Limejump platform applications, ensuring we can dynamically scale the platform depending on operational requirements month by month.

We use Kafka to allow our Go micro-services to communicate and load balance effectively.

Grafana allows rich visualisations of the volume of data and allows our operations and platform teams to extract maximum value.

Digitising the customer experience

Customers have full access to our purpose-built and award-winning customer portal, which intelligently shares generation, pricing and billing data in one location.

Transparent billing

Our billing is granular in its detail but simple to understand and access, allowing customers to focus on their day-to-day business.

Market reports

Daily market reports and key industry information is accessible at the touch of a button through our portal, keeping our customers one step ahead.

Asset performance reporting

Customers are kept up-to-date with the performance and health of their asset, negating risks such as battery degradation.

Our proprietary hardware

Alongside the physical generators and batteries, we deploy and install a control panel. This consists of our IoT controller, PLC hardware for asset control, and multiple 4/5G connections, providing robust connectivity to the assets under control, and back to the central Limejump platform. This hardware enables assets to be remotely instructed, as well as feeding valuable data back – allowing ongoing automatic optimisation of these assets to maximise their value.