FAQs – Limejump accounts transferring to F&S Energy

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What is happening?

On 1st May 2024 Limejump will be undertaking a trade sale of all out of contract import and export customers to F&S Energy Ltd (F&S Energy).  At this point your supply and / or offtake will switch to F&S Energy and your agreement with Limejump will end.

Why is this happening?

As previously communicated, following a strategic review Limejump / Shell has decided to move out of the small Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) market. We will no longer be able to offer renewals of short-term PPAs on a fixed or index basis for sites under 50GWh per annum.

What customers are impacted?

Only customers on out of contract terms are included in the trade sale. This includes import customers, and any export customers that have rolled onto spill rates. You will receive separate communication to confirm this.

What do I need to do?

Nothing at this stage, once the trade sale has taken place F&S Energy will be in contact to complete onboarding.

I am still in contract with Limejump, what will happen to me?

As previously communicated, Limejump is unable to offer new PPA or import contracts. If you do not leave at the end of your existing Fixed or Flex contract, then you will roll onto out of contract rates and will subsequently be transferred to F&S Energy.

You are free to move, at no cost, to any other PPA provider at the end of your contract. 

We will contact you ahead of the end of your contract to set out your options.

What rates and terms will F&S Energy offer?

F&S Energy will continue to honour the Limejump out of contract terms and rates for 1 year post the transfer. For import customers this is currently 110% of system prices, for export / PPA it is 95% of system prices. During this time, you will be free to negotiate a new contract with F&S Energy or move to any other supplier.

When will I receive my final invoice from Limejump?

It is expected that you will receive your final PPA or import invoice 2 months after the transfer, once all industry data is available. This is subject to accurate meter data being available at this point.

All other invoices will be sent in line with normal timescales, with the expected invoice month set out below.

2023/24 REGOs – July 2024

2024/25 REGOs – July 2025

2023/24 Triads – October 2024

ROC monthly invoice – 5 months after the end of your agreement

2023/24 ROC Recycle – February 2025

What updates will Limejump provide through this process?

We will email you at least 30 days ahead of the trade sale date to provide notice that your supply with Limejump will end and your supply will be transferred. One of our Relationship Managers will also try to call. A final email will be sent 5 days ahead of the transfer.

Can I switch to another supplier before the transfer?

Yes, at any point up to the switch date you can move to a different supplier / offtaker. Limejump will not require any notice for this, and no exist fees will be charged.  F&S Energy have requested to please inform them in you are intending to move to another supplier 30 days prior to the transfer date.  F&S Energy also request that to minimise any difficulties, that you avoid switching to another supplier during the period when the transfer over to F&S Energy is due to take place.

Who can I speak to if I have a question?

If you have any Limejump related queries, please contact us at support@limejump.com or +44 20 8396 6848. Our office hours are 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday.  Limejump aim to provide an initial response within one working day.

If you would like to speak to F&S Energy about the transfer, please contact F&S Energy at info@fs-energy.co.uk or +44 1245 690151.  F&S Energy offices are open from 9am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday.  F&S Energy will respond to a question within one working day.

What if I do not want to leave Limejump?

Limejump is exiting the small scale PPA market and as such all out of contract customers will be transferred to F&S Energy.

What if I have any outstanding debt on my account?

Our relationship managers will have been in contact with you to arrange payment options prior to the transfer to F&S Energy. 

Who should I contact if I have a complaint or query regarding my agreement with Limejump?

Please continue to contact Limejump support for any query or complaint relating to the time you were in contract with Limejump.

Will my FiT (Feed in Tariffs) Generator payments continue with Limejump or be transferred to F&S Energy?

No, as previously communicated, Limejump will cease to hold a voluntary FiT license from the end of March 2024. By this point you will need to put in place an agreement with a new supplier to continue to receive your FiT payments beyond March 2024.