Limejump adds Voltalia’s 32MW utility-scale battery to its intelligent platform

Press Release

Limejump today commenced optimisation of Voltalia’s battery as part of a multi-year collaboration. Voltalia’s 32MW battery, located in Hallen, Bristol, will be fully optimised by Limejump into National Grid’s Ancillary Service markets and the wholesale power market, ensuring the asset is traded in the right market at the right time to provide returns for the customer as well as much needed flexibility to the grid.

Voltalia is best known for its international large renewables portfolio, comprising of wind, solar, biomass and hydro, is now complementing its green energy credentials by building a battery portfolio in the UK. A Shell Group company, Limejump has vast experience in the UK’s flexibility markets, having recently announced a major 90MW battery partnership with SSDC Opium. With a flex portfolio of almost 450MW, Limejump has achieved over 54,000 hours of asset optimisation since 2016 and is currently trading the largest battery in the UK, Minety, in wholesale power and ancillary markets.

“There has never been more urgency from a climate and energy security perspective for the development of renewables, such as wind and solar power. As renewable penetration increases and plays a bigger role in powering our lives, we must ensure that battery storage is in place to store renewable energy, and in doing so, balance the National Grid. We look forward to optimising Voltalia’s Hallen battery and supporting them on their flexibility journey.” Genna Boyle, Head of Renewables & Flexibility, Limejump. 

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A leading energy-tech platform, Limejump provides renewable generators and flexible asset owners a route to the Ancillary and Wholesale markets through sophisticated power purchase agreement products and an agile 24/7 trading and optimisation offering. Combining human trading with sophisticated tech-led optimisation and forecasting, every second of every day, Limejump’s platform analyses millions of data points in real time to intelligently optimise customers’ assets in the right market at the right time. Limejump is driving towards a future where 100% of all energy is renewable.
Limejump, part of the Shell Group, is on a mission to deliver 100% renewable energy, accelerating the UK’s transition to net zero by harnessing big data and renewable technology.