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Introducing Quotejump

Make your next PPA quick & easy

Quotejump is our innovative PPA quoting tool that gives you a real-time Fixed PPA quote for an asset ranging from 50kW – 1MW. Simply input your renewable site and contact information at a time that suits you and Quotejump will generate a real-time quote based on the day’s market prices. Then, all you will need to do is contact our Renewables team to lock in your PPA price.

Why use Quotejump?


You can access the tool 24/7, so no need to speak to one of our sales team during office hours to get your next PPA. Just have your Export MPAN number handy!

Fast response

Quotejump is the quickest way to receive a Fixed PPA quote, you will have a competitive quote in less than 5 minutes. If you are happy, you are just one call away from your new Limejump PPA.

Greater control

Power prices can fluctuate, the past 12 months have been the most volatile yet. Quotejump is connected to Limejump’s intelligent platform, receiving up to date pricing, giving you peace of mind that you are always receiving a quote based on accurate market prices.

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How prices are calculated

PPA prices are made up of 4 main components:

The power price

This reflects the price that electricity is expected to be traded at on the wholesale market

The embedded benefits

These are the reward for generators contributing to the local power network (sending electricity down the ‘poles and wires’)

Renewable subsidies

Subsidies such as ROCs, REGOs and Feed-In-Tariffs depend on the size and completion date of the renewable asset.

Imbalance & admin

This charge represents the risk that the power generated in the future doesn’t match the forecast, as well as the buyer’s operating costs.

Limejump optimises all renewable generators

Our mission is to provide fair and transparent access to the market for our customers, ensuring they maximise their investment in renewable generation. We have been active in the UK PPA market since 2016, and have over 1GW of renewable generation capacity – enough to power 2.5 million homes via our platform. We manage renewable generators from all sources including solar, wind, hydro, landfill gas, anaerobic digestion, biomass, CHP and energy from waste.









Anaerobic Digestion



Hydro, LFG, CHP