Limejump win ‘Power & Flexibility’ Award at 2022 ADE Awards

Winners unveiled on June 15th at black-tie event in London

LONDON (June 16, 2022) – Limejump, the entech platform, today celebrates taking home the ‘Power & Flexibility Award’ at this year’s Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE) Awards. The award recognises Limejump’s end-to-end engineering approach and the innovative optimisation of Europe’s largest battery (at time of submission), which went live in July 2021.

Limejump flourished when it pursued the opportunity to integrate controls and provide ‘first of its kind’ optimisation services for the 100MW Minety battery, which is owned by The China Huaneng Group. Limejump successfully onboarded Minety into National Grid’s Dynamic Containment (DC), thus making it the single biggest asset in Europe to date. Minety has now been in operation for almost a year and has delivered much needed real-time flexibility to the grid.
Minety is Shell and Limejump’s flagship collaboration project, leveraging Limejump’s 6+ years of battery optimisation and delivery experience, and Shell’s commercial strength. The collaboration enables Limejump to tailor deals for individual customers, equipping them to truly realise the benefits from battery assets. As with the case of Minety, Shell structured a deal whereby they guaranteed a minimum revenue from the battery, which encouraged investors to commit and support the project back in 2020.

This award win comes just a week after the announcement that Shell and Limejump will be optimising Pacific Green’s 100MW battery in Kent (UK). Limejump and Shell are excited about the future of intelligent battery optimisation and look forward to continuing to collaborate and innovate, with more batteries being added to the platform over the next 24 months.  

Our CEO, Cat Newman, commented:

“We are dedicated to achieving our vision of optimising a 100% renewable energy future, and to achieve that, we need to onboard and intelligently control both renewable generation assets and flexible energy storage assets. Limejump and Shell’s battery offering is market leading, not only can we offer intelligent battery optimisation services, but, with Shell, we can help investors realise the true revenue opportunities of batteries, supporting them to gain investment for these much-needed assets – we are powering progress as a collaboration as well as in the industry.”
She added “It has been a privilege optimising Europe’s largest battery, the project, from start to go live date, has been a huge collaboration effort between all project stakeholders.”