Bluefield Solar Income Fund

Utility-scale Solar PV portfolio, across the UK

Limejump & Bluefield Solar

Listed in London in 2013, the Bluefield Solar Income Fund (‘Bluefield Solar’) is the owner/operator of over 615MWp of utility-scale solar PV assets, situated across the UK.

Limejump’s partnership with Bluefield Solar started in 2019, with the unveiling of a suite of fixed PPAs for multiple sites across the south-west of England. In 2020, the partnership grew with a number of additional sites added to Limejump’s renewables portfolio, opting again for the Fixed PPA product – delivering a guaranteed revenue.

Limejump currently provides PPAs for over 109MW of Bluefield Solar’s assets.

The benefits

Limejump’s Fixed PPA gives Bluefield Solar price certainty for the duration of the contract. It protects them against any future energy price variations; if the wholesale market price fluctuates up or down, their power price remains the same. Guaranteed revenue from across their portfolio was key to Bluefield Solar, enabling them to continue to deliver very attractive returns for the fund’s shareholders. 

Limejump’s Fixed PPA offers elements of flexibility, empowering our customers to take advantage of the UK’s variable power market after their agreed fixed period. Bluefield Solar can renew their PPAs at any time, taking full advantage of power price spikes and growth, locking in additional value when selling its power. For example, if the market prices rise, Bluefield Solar can fix PPAs with Limejump for subsequent periods, without having to wait until the end of the current contract.


No. of sites






Added value

Limejump’s intelligent forecasting & tech-led platform

Since 2020, Limejump and Shell’s trading teams work as one combined team, which provides our customers with one of the most sophisticated and experienced trading teams in Europe.

Limejump’s data driven platform uses both historical generation data for the energy site and sophisticated solar forecasts, which are updated every hour. This enables us to offer our solar customers competitive pricing as our trading team is equipped to proactively manage generation variance.

What the customer thinks

The bigger picture

Our partnership with Bluefield Solar builds a strong business case for more distributed solar sites across the UK, harnessing the power of nature. Limejump and Bluefield Solar continue to work together, integrating more and more renewable solar power onto the grid. As the needs of the grid evolve, demanding more flexibility, Limejump will ensure that Bluefield Solar and all our customers take advantage of new innovations, ensuring they maximise the revenue from their investments.