Muirhall Energy

Subsidy-free wind energy from south-west Scotland

Limejump & Muirhall Energy

In September 2020, Muirhall Energy awarded Limejump a three-year contract to trade the power output of Scotland’s first subsidy-free wind farm at Crossdykes in Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland.

Crossdykes was the first subsidy-free wind farm in the UK to enter National Grid’s Balancing Mechanism and is the largest wind site to enter Limejump’s generation portfolio. National Grid uses the Balancing Mechanism to balance electricity supply and demand in real time.

Utilising renewable energy at times of imbalance

Limejump’s Track & Trade PPA enables Muirhall Energy to align themselves with fluctuating energy prices, fixing in on a better price if the market conditions allow. This is important as the best price on the day of the agreement won’t always be the best deal over the duration of the contract. Since the start of the agreement with us, Muirhall Energy has been willing to take a proactive approach towards achieving better returns on their site’s generation, and Limejump’s flexible option of Track & Trade PPA gives them the flexibility to do this. 

By working in partnership with us, Muirhall is capturing more £/MWh value for all of its electricity generation. Our Track & Trade PPA provides Muirhall (and other customers) with access to the forward market to commercialise forward power price spikes.


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Utilising renewable energy at times of imbalance

Renewable energy is pivotal to achieving net zero by 2050. By 2030 it is expected that there will be surplus renewable capacity connected to the electricity network. In the UK, National Grid has mechanisms in place to ensure that the grid remains balanced. Since 2020 we have seen ODFM, and an increasing appetite by National Grid to have larger renewable sites in the Balancing Mechanism.

In 2020, Limejump optimised Crossdykes into the Balancing Mechanism and continues to do so. Limejump is also an active contributor to the UK’s Capacity Market (CM) and was successful in bidding Crossdykes into the T-4 2024/25 auction, winning a 15-year CM contract.

Added value

Limejump’s tech-led optimisation and trading

Limejump’s trading desk’s market reports and insights are of great value to Muirhall Energy. 

Our insights allow Muirhall Energy to set a bracket of where they want their minimum and maximum price to be. Our traders issue daily market reports and send alerts when the forward market price jumps to the required level so that Muirhall can lock it in for their chosen period of time; this period could be a month, season or even the remaining duration of the PPA contract.

Our proprietary trading software is our eyes and ears in the marketplace. It utilises unique algorithms to automatically forecast power generation and track the changing marketplace. Our trading desk is therefore perfectly equipped to help all customers make the most of their generation assets while moderating risk and mitigating imbalance charges.

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