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Our Virtual Power Plant (VPP) technology is at the very core of everything we do. It is made up of four integrated components: our cloud-based software, smart box, optimisation engine and customer portal.

Limejump’s Smart Box

Those organisations participating in our most lucrative grid balancing schemes require a smart box to be installed on site. These smart boxes automate the monitoring and control of the asset, which allows them to react in real time to market price and demand response signals. You retain overall control of your asset: we work within your parameters to optimise market participation and secure the best possible revenue streams. Our technical engineers conduct a full site visit before installation, agreeing a control philosophy to maximise your participation in all schemes.

Limejump’s Cloud-Based Software

Limejump is based on cloud-based software, giving you instant access to energy data without the traditional industry processes of spreadsheets and delayed data. Our cloud software communicates information in real-time to our optimisation engine and to the online portal ensuring our customers’ assets are optimised at all times and making sure the most up-to-date information is accessible to our customers on their online portal.

Limejump’s Optimisation Engine

Limejump’s innovative optimisation engine uses big data to make sure our customers are able to act on all short term price events and find the demand response scheme that return the best possible revenue. Our engine uses a variety of algorithms to optimise our customers’ assets. It forecasts a customer’s load, analyses all available market prices and demand response signals, and adjusts & dispatches customer assets within pre-agreed parameters in real time. A variety of machine learning and other stochastic techniques are used to achieve this but the ability to process large amounts of data in real time is fundamental to our algorithms delivering the best possible outcome for our customers.

Online Portal

Through Limejump’s online Customer Portal, any customer can access their energy data whenever they need to, without waiting for spreadsheets or daily updates.

The portal gives you useful information at your fingertips. We believe in total transparency: you can view detailed bills, event performance, live half hourly prices, access half-hourly data and use a range of tools and analytics to make understanding your energy more intuitive than ever.

Find out how you can earn revenues, improve your operational resilience and strengthen your green credentials with Limejump

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