Working in the CX team

Leanne Quah

Name: Leanne Quah
Job title: CX Product Manager 
Interests/hobbies: Travel, reading, video games, googling stuff
When did you join Limejump? January 2022

What does your role involve?

As CX Product Manager, my role is to manage the Customer Experience team’s development roadmap. I look after the discovery, scoping, prioritisation and delivery of any changes required to our customer-facing services such as the Customer Portal and our quoting tool (Quotejump). This means I collaborate with our business stakeholders and external customers to define requirements for improvements and new features and then work with our CX Tech Team to scope out how we’d deliver those changes. I work out a priority for these improvements based on impact (value) and effort to deliver. After that, I make sure the team delivers the new features in the right order and specification. We are often running several different initiatives at the same time, but it always helps when you have a good team behind you.

What is a typical day like in your role at Limejump?

It’s always interesting and varied at Limejump! Typically, my morning is spent in catch-up meetings with the other product managers from different areas of the business to align what we’re working on, and with my own development team to ensure we’re on track – discussing any issues that we need to resolve to progress our initiatives. 

The rest of the day might be made up of stakeholder meetings to tease out more detailed requirements from them for an initiative, or to agree on a priority order for a change. I might also be doing some testing of the new functionality we’ve developed to ensure it’s fit for release, or I could be brainstorming potential solutions on how we deliver a new feature. Some days can be really fun where I’m neck-deep in writing up documentation to record requirements or present a solution proposal or try to define an issue.

How did you get into Product Management?

I ‘fell’ into Product Management, firstly in financial services and then continued, transitioning my skills to the energy sector. When I was at school, I hadn’t even heard of the role of a ‘Product Manager’, but I genuinely enjoy the variety of interactions we get to have in our day-to-day roles. I especially like that the role thrives on communication and organisation whilst managing stakeholder relationships and expectations. Importantly I still regain a development angle, so I get to deliver tangible products that make a difference and add genuine value.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

The people are awesome! And we actually get to move fast and deliver changes, so it makes you feel like you’re achieving something good. This is amplified by the fact that Limejump’s vision is focused on developing a renewable future, this is really important to me. I also love the free snacks in the office 😛

What are the challenges, if any?

Changing priorities is always a challenge. If we’re halfway through development and then a new, more urgent priority suddenly appears, we might have to switch our focus over to it – we have to be agile. It’s a bit of a challenge because you always want to finish what you’ve started so it’s hard to leave something half-baked. But you also have to be realistic as the environment and priorities can change throughout the year due to external/market pressures. 

I console myself with the hope that we will get back to finish the ‘half-baked’ tasks later. But working in a fast-paced environment also helps to keep things interesting and means we’re never bored!

What factors helped you decide to pursue a role at Limejump?

A big motivator for me is Limejump’s commitment to enabling renewable generation and battery optimisation to thrive in the UK. Everyone I met during the interview process was really enthusiastic and that created a great atmosphere. I was also really keen on leading a fully staffed development team assigned to our own initiatives. I’d been used to struggling for resources at previous companies struggling to even start developing something, so knowing you have a dedicated team to deliver really attracted me to the role.

What advice would you give to somebody considering a role at Limejump?

Go for it! I was hesitant at first as I had only previously worked for large multinationals and I was worried about the ‘smaller company’ vibe of Limejump. However, it’s been fantastic here, and I feel like Limejump has really given my career a new lease of life. I feel more motivated about work than I have been in a long time, and really positive about my future here.

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