Working in the Finance team

Ish Aulak

Name: Ish Aulak

Job title: Financial Reporting Apprentice

Interests: Reading, lifting, and scenic walks

When did you join Limejump?: October 2021

What does your role involve?

As a Financial Reporting Apprentice, most of my role involves learning as much as possible about the financial side of the energy industry. I help support the members of my team while gaining valuable experience, whether that be helping set up payments to our customers, managing accounts, or any ad hoc requests from other stakeholders. As part of my role, I am working towards a Level 4 CFAB qualification under ICAEW which involves taking accounting exams and reflecting on the skills I have been developing while at Limejump.

What do you enjoy most about your role at Limejump?

So many things. Firstly everyone is absolutely brilliant and so willing to share that brilliance with those around them. I have asked some not-so-bright questions around the office but everyone seems so happy to share their knowledge and passion. Secondly, the actual job and the industry Limejump is in, are so interesting, I can’t even begin to explain how many different moving parts there are in renewable energy but every single one of those parts is so exciting. Finally, the growth opportunities offered here are unparalleled, this industry is ever-growing and learning from people who have been in it for years is such an advantage. As an added bonus the social aspect is amazing and we have a great pool table to have team competitions on at lunch!

What is a typical day like in your role at Limejump?

A typical day starts with catching up on any emails and scanning the finance inbox for any direct requests. Depending on the time of the month I would then have a catch-up with my team where we would all get our priority lists for the day and the tasks we hope to complete. If it’s month-end time we’d have a set list of things to do, and although hectic, month-end is always fun, especially when you feel supported by the people around you. When it isn’t month end the financial reporting team will get a lot of ad hoc requests from other departments, these requests are amazing learning opportunities as the interactions with other teams means I get to learn a lot about the specifics of the company and how it operates.

How did you get into your current job role?

I was scouring job sites and happened across this role, it seemed almost perfect as I did a master’s in Renewable Energy. Limejump immediately sparked my interest, and I decided Finance was a good career path as I greatly enjoyed mathematics. It felt like a no-brainer to apply. I didn’t have a lot of experience but as this was an entry-level position I submitted a cover letter talking about how passionate I was about the environment and how much the energy industry fascinated me, then did a couple of interviews and managed to land the job!

What factors helped you decide to pursue a role at Limejump?

I have always been incredibly passionate about the environment and the longevity of our planet, especially after doing my masters and realising how many different ways there were to produce energy. A big factor that set Limejump apart from the rest was their work in battery optimisation which was something I was very intrigued to learn more about. 

What are the challenges, if any?

Of course, any job has its downside. For mine in particular I’d say it’s creating the perfect balance between apprenticeship work and my job. While Limejump obviously allows flexibility for apprenticeship work, it has become a personal challenge to wrap my head around doing exams, assignments, and a job though I do feel very grateful for how supportive Limejump, my manager and my team are.

What advice would you give to somebody considering a role at Limejump?

Limejump seems to bring out the passion in a lot of people, no matter the role or department you’re in. Being surrounded by all these talented people almost makes that talent rub off on you. It’s so easy to slot right into place here and know exactly how your role is helping to drive the vision forward. If you’re considering a role here, I would say to go for it! It’s probably one of the best things that happened to me.

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