Working at Limejump

Emma James

Emma James

Job title: Business Development Manager
When did you join Limejump?: September 2020

What did your role involve?

I worked in the Renewables team, leading on medium to large-scale solar and biogas assets. I spoke with prospective customers and renewable generators to understand their requirements to help them secure a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to maximise their revenue. 

What was a typical day like?

A typical day started with trader updates on the power markets to understand the key market drivers and trends. Once the market opened at 11am, the rest of my morning was usually spent responding to tenders and sending quotes. Afternoons were the most social period of my day, with lots of calls and conversations with both existing and new renewable generators to find out more about their plans for their current sites or exciting projects they are developing.

What were the challenges, if any?

Working at Limejump, at the forefront of the renewable energy sector, means that things are constantly changing, whether this is reacting to dramatic changes in power prices, new products released by National Grid or Limejump’s constant growth. Whilst this can be fast paced, it also keeps things really interesting. 

What factors helped you decide to pursue a role at Limejump?

The team, the culture and their vision. The main reason I chose to work at Limejump was their vision to optimise a 100% renewable energy future. I really feel like I am making a difference and supporting the green transition!

What did you like most about your previous role

I loved working with renewable generators, hearing about their projects and helping them to secure a great price by tracking the market. Limejump has a hugely varied customer base so it was really interesting to work with so many different people, from farmers with an independent family asset to large investment funds. 

What advice would you give to somebody considering this role at Limejump?

Firstly, take the role, you will not regret it. Be ready to embrace lots of opportunity to learn and challenge yourself as you’ll have the chance to make a real and genuine impact at Limejump. The culture is up there with the best, and there is a real team ethos – everyone ‘mucks’ in as a unit when it is busy or challenging.