Working at Limejump

Adam Burton

Adam Burton

Job title: Business Development Apprentice
Interests: Cooking, sport and the outdoors
When did you join Limejump?: November 2020

What do you do?

As the Business Development Apprentice, I provide support to our Battery & Peaking Optimisation team. I help develop engaging pitches and proposals for tenders, lead generation and owning the pitch collateral that we use to promote Limejump. I am also involved in some marketing activities such as writing the daily and weekly market reports. As part of my apprenticeship, I am undertaking a Level 4 sales course, which consists of monthly sessions with a sales tutor and encompasses everything you need to know in sales.

What is a typical day like?

A typical day would always start with a catch up on emails and reading articles surrounding the energy industry. I would then start a meeting with a member of the trading team where they would give a summary of how the market traded on the day before and what the outlook for today is. This is a great start to the day because it provides really interesting insights as to how energy trading works. I write up a report based on this meeting which gets sent out to all of our clients so they can have some understanding of how their assets will be performing each day. For the rest of the day I will either be producing materials for a tender or other materials to use for our clients, or some lead generation.


The challenges of the job are balancing your day. I have to be quite flexible with the work I do because there will often be a new priority from different members of the team that I have to focus on. This means that I will be switching between my tasks frequently and it is important to organise my calendar to guarantee I have enough time booked in to complete each individual task. There is also the challenge of how complex the energy industry is, especially when writing reports for our customers. I need to make sure that these reports contain enough detail whilst also keeping the language as simple as possible.

Why us?

Having studied Geography at University I was very keen on working for a company that wanted to change the way the world works. Limejump’s vision of ‘delivering 100% renewable energy in real time’ really appealed to me. During the interviews the friendly and fun culture at Limejump really translated, with everyone involved being chatty and down to earth and putting people and personality at the core of the company.

Best thing about working here?

I would have to say my team is what I most enjoy about working at Limejump. Everyone has been really friendly and there have been some great online socials organised. We are all happy to go the extra mile for each other which makes working together so much more enjoyable. A close second would be being involved in the revolution of the UK energy industry and seeing how promising the transition to net zero is looking. There is still a long way to go which is great motivation to keep working!