Limejump announces full integration with Shell Energy Europe and Africa

London 18 November 2022 – Limejump, the energy-technology platform acquired by Shell in 2019, has announced today that it will fully integrate with Shell Energy Europe and Africa. Since 2019, through the support and collaboration of Shell, Limejump has developed as an energy optimiser in an increasingly competitive market. Successes include optimising Europe’s largest battery in Europe, adding 200MW of battery assets to its portfolio in 2022 alone, launching the first-in-the-UK online Power Purchase Agreement tool (Quotejump) and doubling its renewable energy portfolio to over 1GW.

Cat Newman, CEO

The decision to integrate Limejump into the Shell Energy business will streamline operations of two businesses that share the same vision and growth ambitions in the UK, a collaboration that will help to drive Shell’s UK power strategy.

Cat Newman, Limejump CEO, said: “This transition is the next natural step for Limejump. As part of the Shell Energy family, we can build on what both businesses have developed so far and grow together under one brand and as one team. This is another exciting chapter in Limejump’s journey to optimising a 100% renewable energy future.”

Tom Summers, Vice President, Shell Energy Europe and Africa, said: “The integration will enable us to deliver a stronger, more focused business bringing Limejump’s technology and expertise into the very heart of our European power trading business. This is an exciting transition that will enable us to be a better competitor and help to drive forward Shell’s UK power strategy.”

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James Forrest, Marketing Manager: 07879 772184 or
About Limejump –
A leading energy-tech platform, Limejump provides renewable generators and flexible asset owners a route to the Ancillary and Wholesale markets through sophisticated power purchase agreement products and an agile 24/7 trading and optimisation offering. Combining human trading with sophisticated tech-led optimisation and forecasting, every second of every day, Limejump’s platform analyses millions of data points in real time to intelligently optimise customers’ assets in the right market at the right time. Limejump is driving towards a future where 100% of all energy is renewable.

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Shell Energy Europe provides business customers with innovative, reliable and cleaner energy solutions, helping them meet their energy needs and navigate through the energy transition. Through our portfolio of gas, power and environmental products, we offtake, trade, supply and enable our customers to get the most from their energy assets. Shell Energy Europe Limited acts through its agent, Shell Trading and Shipping Company Limited.
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