Working at Limejump

Sam Boswell

Sam Boswell

Job title: Engineering Manager
Interests: Climbing, Tech, Food, Security
When did you join Limejump?: January 2021

What do you do?

I look after the engineers within the asset control teams: scheduling, infrastructure and embedded. These teams deal with taking instructions from within the Limejump system, ensuring they are safe and effective, scheduling them out to assets, and via our IoT device, instructing assets in the real world to deliver power.
As an engineering manager, my role is to ensure that these talented engineers have access to all of the information and resources they need, to represent them within the business and to ensure they can be and grow to be their very best.

What is a typical day like?

I typically kick off the day with a sweep through my email and task list, make sure I’ve got a handle on what I’m expecting from the day. Team standups are the first set of meetings – checking in on progress, making sure there are no blockers (and capturing if there are!) I’ll typically be taking part in some of the scrum rituals of one of the teams: sprint planning, retros or grooming sessions. I might be involved in interviewing engineers to grow out our tech team, checking in with developers via 1-1 sessions, or using collaborative working and special interest groups to drive wider technical discussions. Some of the time working with the product team to flesh out new product features and improvements to ensure that wider technical best practices are being followed – and to pull in experienced engineers as appropriate.

How did you get into your current job role?

I came from an engineering background – working as a software engineer within big data and  info-sec environments. I shifted to team lead roles, and surprised myself when I found that I really enjoyed supporting teams of engineers. Moving from startups to scaleups within IoT, medical and industrial environments gave me a nice coverage of sectors and approaches to engineering challenges.

What do you enjoy most about your role at Limejump?

The team! Cliché perhaps, but the people you work with really make a difference. Everyone at Limejump is passionate about their role, what we’re building and the wider mission. This shared passion is infectious and drives people forwards!

What are the challenges?

The complexity of the UK power market and ecosystem is probably the main challenge: there are so many moving parts to keep track of, and they’re constantly changing too! As the National Grid evolves, so do our customers needs, and the technology to support them at scale has to adapt.

What is the most interesting or exciting thing you’ve learned?

It’s been really cool to get to know the complex power market – with plenty of training and support from Limejump, I’ve really enjoyed building out my contextual knowledge before supporting the team with the systems needed to scale up.

What factors helped you decide to pursue a role at Limejump?

The team, friendliness and openness throughout the interview and onboarding process, which didn’t ease up! Especially onboarding remotely, I felt so welcomed into the company.
The tech stack mapped well with my experiences, and I was ready to work on projects that made a positive impact on the world. It’s inspiring to be part of a company that has proven itself in the marketplace, and to push those boundaries out further.

What advice would you give to somebody considering a role at Limejump?

Lean into the culture: the openness that is around means that anyone is willing to chip in with answers and context setting in any situation. Everyone is happy to share and contribute. This collaboration makes it easy to work on the engineering challenges, free of a lot of the noise you might see in other tech companies.