Record breaking weekend – highest level of wind generation underpins need for flexibility

The weather hasn’t all been snow and ice in recent weeks. A particularly blustery weekend (13th February) led to a new UK grid record for wind generation. Overall, a hefty 14.6 GW of transmission connected wind was generated on the UK power grid on Saturday.

Maximum wind generation (GW) by day

The ongoing need for flex

This isn’t a one off. We’ll see more and more of these records fall with increasing renewable generation connecting. Hence, it becomes more important than ever for National Grid to have access to flexibility. Be that batteries capturing excess supply or even wind in the BM providing downwards flex in times of low demand (e.g. Summer 2020). Limejump optimises both these asset classes and we expect much more flexibility will be needed in the future. This is something which Limejump, and our clients, will be on standby to provide as we play our role in supporting National Grid’s ambition of carbon free operation of the grid by 2025.

How are things shaping up for next week?

We expect high levels of wind over the weekend with forecasts suggesting levels well above seasonal normals. We will see a drop off in nuclear power with Heysham (500MW), Hartlepool (600MW) and Hunterston (500MW ) plants down for maintenance over the coming weeks.

Current weather predictions point towards a mild and windy March, so the reduced nuclear may not necessitate higher prices because of the high renewable generation anticipated. As ever, we will be keeping our eyes on how this develops.

Customer assets supporting National Grid

Limejump provides frequency response services allowing more renewables to connect to the grid safely. In addition, Limejump helps National Grid balance the system by providing access to our customers assets via our 24/7 trading desk.

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