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Case study

Maximising revenue through Frequency Response.

Biffa is the UK’s number one integrated waste management and recycling business, handling over 6.6million tonnes each year. The scale of its operations means that it has the ability to operate flexibly, helping to balance the electricity system.


The benefits

Biffa enlisted Limejump to provide a commercial solution that would enable them to maximise revenue from their complex plant portfolio, as well as helping them to manage the associated technical requirements. With 85 gas engines across 30 sites to be considered for the initial phase, Limejump recommended frequency response as the perfect solution for Biffa’s technology.


Our approach

After reviewing Biffa’s site and assets, Limejump recommended portfolio frequency response as a good fit for the company, enabling them to access the highest possible revenues using Limejump’s unique market approach.


Whilst these gas engines would typically be restricted to static frequency response, Limejump’s portfolio approach would enable Biffa to participate in the more lucrative Dynamic Frequency Response scheme, giving access to higher returns than other options, without impacting day-to-day operations.


Portfolio Frequency Response participants must be able to instantly react to National Grid requests, meaning it was necessary to install Limejump’s technology to optimise participation and automate Biffa’s assets’ response when required. Biffa’s participation can now be controlled and optimised by Limejump’s Virtual Power Plant without the need for any manual on-site intervention from Biffa personnel, an attractive proposition as Biffa could simply reap the rewards without having to take any further action or interrupt business processes.


Our integration

Biffa was in the process of upgrading its plant equipment, making it the perfect time to install the equipment as part of the upgrade. An integrated project team was established comprising engineering, financial and operational specialists from Limejump and Biffa, with Limejump centrally co-ordinating the whole operation to ensure the project ran in line with site upgrade timings. This approach worked seamlessly to install technology on 47 of the company’s 85 engines during phase one of the rollout, with the time from site survey to install taking just two weeks. Limejump was able to provide bespoke support to ensure total integration into Biffa’s systems, including multiple site visits and frequent communication.

The company decided to trial the solution on one site initially, going on to roll it out to the rest of their sites once the perfect installation process has been refined.


“Limejump have been great to work with. I have weekly calls with them to discuss plans and progress, and have always found them very quick to respond. It has been a collaborative effort between Limejump and Biffa throughout, and I have found their technical expertise to be excellent.”


Ben Rigg – Biffa’s Landfill Gas Technical Manager


The results

Limejump’s portfolio approach enables businesses to unlock three times the value of a standard aggregation service, making it a more lucrative choice. In addition, during the rollout process, Biffa discovered that the equipment was so simple that it was possible to install it on much smaller devices as well as the larger assets. As a result, Biffa intends to fit many more devices across their plants, widening the opportunity to participate in frequency response and earn more revenue through the scheme.


The success of the initial installations enabled Biffa to build the business case to obtain capital expenditure to upgrade further plants more quickly, enabling them to reap the benefits of frequency response more immediately. In addition, the responsible team won a prestigious internal award for their innovative approach to accessing new revenues.