Limejump awarded as a Bloomberg new energy pioneer 2018

Limejump is the only UK based company selected for this prestigious honour. Innovative companies from around the world recognized for their leadership in clean energy technologies and business transformation

New York, April 9, 2018 – Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) announced its selection of the 2018 New Energy Pioneers – innovators that are revolutionizing the energy, transport, and technology sectors.

The winners – listed below – are responding to changes and disruption in the energy system, and are pursuing new opportunities in areas as diverse as storage, EV charging, digitalization, heat recovery, and blockchain. The 2018 New Energy Pioneers have been unveiled today at BNEF’s Future of Energy Summit, in New York City.

By recognizing innovators, BNEF aims to highlight and accelerate the transition that is underway in today’s new energy economy, towards new business models, technologies, market structures and commercial opportunities.

An independent panel of industry experts, assisted by BNEF’s analysts and technology specialists, selected the ten winners from more than 160 applicants from close to 50 countries around the world. Each candidate was assessed against three criteria: technology or business model innovation, and what novelty it brought to the market; evidence of substantive progress in the form of strong commercial partnerships, the distribution channels in place and sales growth; and the potential to scale and have a global impact.

The 2018 New Energy Pioneers are:

  • Limejump (U.K.) is an energy tech company that connects data capabilities and renewable energy generation to the national grid, optimising assets’ value and supporting sustainability using proprietary software to aggregate and manage a distributed fleet of flexible assets.
  • Advanced Microgrid Solutions(U.S.), which designs, develops, and manages portfolios of distributed energy resources providing dynamic grid management and value to wholesale markets.
  • Bidgely (U.S.) is a load disaggregation company that uses machine learning and data analytics to process smart meter data and provide its users with insights about their energy consumption.
  • BURN (Kenya) has designed and manufactured over 370,000 cleancook stoves, improving both air quality and access to power for low-income households.
  • Climeon (Sweden) has commercialized the extraction of electricity from low-temperature heat (70-120 degrees), used in the context of waste heat or geothermal power.
  • Enbala Power Networks (U.S.) operates a real-time grid balancing platform allowing control and dispatch of energy from flexible loads.
  • Greenlots (U.S.) is a hardware-agnostic provider of electric vehicle network management software and services. These give utilities the ability to control grid loads through smart charging and demand response.
  • LO3 Energy(U.S.) is an early mover in peer-to-peer energy trading using blockchaintechnology,and is developing other applications for its blockchain platform.
  • SaltX (Sweden) is an innovator in storing heat chemically, using a proprietary salt-based technology. This uses a nano coating and graphene to prevent salt crystals from growing when energy is stored, greatly improving the number of storage cycles whilst also reducing corrosion.
  • WiTricty(U.S.) has developed wireless charging through magnetic resonance technology, allowing high-efficiency power transfer.

Michael Wilshire, selection committee chair and head of strategy at Bloomberg New Energy Finance, said: “This year, we were delighted to receive a record number of strong candidates for the New Energy Pioneers program, drawn from 47 different countries. We have seen a sharp uptick in the number of applicants that use digital technologies and software to help make the electricity system more resilient, flexible and efficient – all critical elements of a more decentralized and renewable energy system.

“Emerging technologies such as machine learning and blockchain are being used to improve decision making and to make operations more efficient, as well as to create new capabilities, such as peer-to-peer energy trading and the ability to manage complex sets of distributed assets. Transport is being transformed, with two of this year’s Pioneers developing infrastructure, software, and services to support the rollout of electric vehicles. And we continue to see strong innovation in other areas, such as storage and energy in developing markets,” he added.

Erik Nygard, CEO of Limejump explained: “Being recognised by the NEF Bloomberg Award provides is a clear vindication of our business model to help drive sustainable future. We see Bloomberg as a key ally in providing our customers with insight and information which is needed to ensure we all build this new energy market from the ground up.”

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