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Vento Ludens & Limejump

Vento Ludens has a portfolio of solar, wind and hydro power projects across Germany, the UK, Switzerland and Norway. The community-minded firm was founded in 1996. Vento Ludens and Limejump have been in partnership since 2019, when the Ledard hydro scheme in the Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park was signed to one of our sophisticated PPA offerings. In 2020, the partnership expanded to incorporate all four of their new hydro plants, located in the Scottish Highlands. These will enter full operation in 2021 and operate under a fixed PPA agreement.


Limejump’s Fixed PPA gives the customer long term price certainty: as the market fluctuates up or down, the customer’s power price stays the same. This income per unit of energy is guaranteed throughout the duration of the PPA, giving Vento Ludens peace of mind. Vento Ludens can renew their PPA contract at any time for subsequent years, even if the power price is 30% higher than their existing contract.


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Added value

Our award winning portal was an attractive proposition for Vento Ludens. The portal hosts pricing data and billing, keeping our customers updated on how their assets are performing both financially and operationally. Vento Ludens can access the portal 24/7, enabling them to review their monthly invoices, assess historical performance, and importantly access information on live energy prices to inform their decisions on renewing or extending their PPA contract – around the clock account management.

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The bigger picture

Our partnership with Vento Ludens builds a strong business case for more distributed hydro sites across the British Isles, harnessing the power of a natural resource – accelerating the UK’s transition to net zero. Looking ahead, Limejump is committed to helping Vento Ludens grow their UK operations, integrating more renewable hydro power onto the grid. As the needs of the grid evolve, demanding more flexibility, Limejump will work with Vento Ludens and other hydro companies to ensure they take advantage of new innovations, ensuring they maximise the revenue from their investments.

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