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  • The Energy Street

    August 2016

    Traditional utilities risk obsolescence in the face of more nimble competition, according to Limejump CEO Erik Nygard. He thinks they may not have much time to pivot their business models.

  • European Utility Week

    June 2016

    Read what Erik Nygard has to say about the barriers to new utilities looking to enter the UK market.

  • British Institute of Energy Economics (BIEE)

    June 2016

    Interview with Carina Correia on grid balancing and aggregation.

  • Disrupts

    April 2016

    If ever there was an industry that needed to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century, it’s energy. Since the inception of electricity networks in the 1870s, not much has changed. Electricity continues to be generated by fossil fuel power stations, transported by transmission grids, delivered to your home by distribution networks and billed for by suppliers for the energy they think you’ve used. That’s the way it’s always been done-until now.

  • Business Green

    February 2016

    If I offered you £10 to turn off the light in a room you were not using, chances are you would get up off the sofa and flick off the offending switch. After all, who doesn't like being given money for doing next to nothing?

  • Startup Empire

    February 16

    We all know that the world’s energy sources are being depleted, and going green is the only way to ensure future security of supply. Having spent many years working for a multinational power utility, Erik Nygard and fellow co-founder Ning Zhang saw a huge need to come up with a new, hybrid energy utility utilising technology to deliver value to customers and together they came up with Limejump. We spoke to Erik to get the story.

  • Big Data Week

    November 2015

    By harnessing big data produced by distributed generators and businesses, existing electricity system flexibility can be unlocked allowing for increased amounts of intermittent, renewable generation to be connected to the distribution network. Big data is the enabler for a lower carbon, more sustainable energy future.

  • This is Money

    November 2015

    A small business that considers itself the UK's largest 'virtual power plant' will be capable of powering Birmingham and Leeds in three years, it has said.

  • TechCrunch

    September 2015

    Limejump is a classic example of a startup bringing a big data and cloud-based solution to a legacy market, and in doing so has the potential to transform that market.