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Power Purchase Agreements

Maximise the value of your generation by taking advantage of United Kingdom Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) commercial options. Solar, Wind, AD, Landfill Gas, Battery Storage or even Diesel generation are welcome. Already working with us? Get in touch to learn about our attractive referral programmes.

What we offer

Power Purchase Agreement

Power Purchase Agreement

We’ll buy your power, whether its solar, wind, hydro, AD, landfill gas or battery, at the most competitive price via United Kingdom Power Purchase Agreements, whilst ensuring all market value can be truly optimised. With access to our online portal, you’ll also have your energy data at your fingertips, from half-hourly pricing information to asset performance and analytics.

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Demand Response

Demand Response

Access new revenue streams by being flexible with your energy output. We work in partnership with United Kingdom National Grid to give you access to the complete range of flexible options in the merchant market and do the hard work for you to make sure you act on opportunities to earn additional revenue.

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Generation Types
We Work With

Limejump works with all types of generators connected to the distribution network.
Most of our generators fall into these categories:

Biogas PPA

Solar PPA

Hydro PPA

Diesel PPA

Wind PPA

Landfill PPA

Battery Storage PPA

Power Purchase Agreement

Limejump’s United Kingdom Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) offer competitive prices, flexible contract lengths and two pricing options to meet your needs:

Option 1

Tracking Price PPA

Tracking PPA

Power price is tracked in the energy market on a daily basis. This provides the flexibility to take advantage of price fluctuations and to achieve a greater optimisation of your generation profile.

Tracking PPA Graph

Option 2

Fixed price PPA

Fixed Price PPA

For those looking for budget certainty, our Fixed Price PPA locks in a power price for your generation at the time of contract signing. You’ll know exactly what you’ll earn over the contract duration.

Fixed Price PPA Graph

Power Purchase Agreement Benefits

  • Competitive

    Being part of the Limejump community, you will be able to access the same market opportunities as large power stations

  • Intelligent forecasting

    Our bespoke algorithms intelligently forecast your power generation, allowing you to make the most out of your energy whilst mitigating imbalance charges

  • Access Data

    You will be able to access your half-hourly generation and invoice backing data at any time on your online customer portal

  • Generation Management

    Our online tools allow you to easily adjust your expected generation profile, schedule any planned outage or alert us to an unplanned trip

What is demand response for generators?

We can help generators earn significant new revenue streams by helping to keep the grid balanced. We work across all National Grid’s demand response schemes and we can make it easy for you to participate in them. We’ll help you find the flexibility in your energy exports and work with you to us to recommend scheme that best suits your needs and can deliver the highest possible value to your bottom line.

Grid Event

Viewers turn on their kettles to make a cup of tea during World Cup half time, causing a sudden surge in demand.

Signal from National Grid

We get a signal from United Kingdom National Grid to participate. Through our virtual power plant technology, we optimise our portfolio of customers and select those who are available.


Generators receive a call to action to increase their energy output. This can be done manually or through a fully automated solution.


After the event, you can log in to our online portal to see payments, access event details and review event performance.

Benefits of Limejump's Online Portal

Our generator customers also benefit from Limejump’s Online Portal, giving you instant access to your complete energy data, whenever and wherever you need it.

From usage and asset efficiency to half hourly pricing information and event performance, it’s all at your fingertips: our cloud-based software means all your energy data is kept securely online, giving you access to your information whenever you need it.

We give you total transparency, from live half hourly power prices to individual distribution and transmission price points. Combined with our visualisation tools, you can understand at a glance how your asset is performing against forecast.

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