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Earn new revenue streams for being flexible with your energy usage, whatever your size or industry.

What we offer

Demand Response

Demand Response

We connect customers to all available demand response opportunities, paying them to be flexible with their energy usage.

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We are a registered electricity supplier. We don’t currently offer supply contracts but will do so shortly. Please stay tuned.

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Industries We Work With

Limejump works with all types and sizes of industrial and commercial customers.  Any business that has a smart meter and is able to decrease or shift demand can earn new revenue streams from participating in demand response. Most of our business customers fall into these categories:


Water Utilities

Data Centres

Foundries and Metal Processing



Commercial Refrigeration

What is demand response for businesses?

A mismatch between electricity supply and demand results in a system imbalance that must be swiftly rectified to keep the lights on. Businesses are paid to decrease their demand for short periods of time to help restore grid balance.

Grid Event

Unseasonably cold temperatures and low wind speeds means the UK’s generation is struggling to match national demand. National Grid needs help!

Signal from National Grid

Limejump receives a signal from National Grid. We optimise the portfolio of customers and selects those that are available to participate.


Selected businesses receive a request to reduce their demand. This can be done manually or can be fully automated – you can choose to retain absolute control of your assets.


You can log in to our Online Portal to access details of the Grid event, including event performance and how much they have received for participating by viewing their statements.

Benefits of Limejump's Online Portal

Limejump business customers also benefit from access to our Online Portal. Thanks to our cloud-based software and belief in total transparency, we give you access to all your energy data whenever you need it, including detailed bills, event performance, access all to half-hourly data and a range of tools and analytics. Our portal also allows you to choose when you want to respond to events and when you have uninterruptable or business critical activity.
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